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About Us

Custom design-build solutions to meet your construction needs.


Engineered Systems Inc. was started in 1975 by John H. Watson and John G. Danford. The company was established with the goal of developing and building commercial real estate investments. Over the years our mission and focus have expanded, but our core commitment remains the same. Quality design, efficient construction, and customer focused solutions.
Today Engineered Systems serves many clients throughout the southeast. As we continue to expand our portfolio of real estate investments, we also actively look for opportunities to design and build for other customers.


Engineered Systems Inc. specializes in design-build construction. We also perform conventional design-bid-build projects if the customer is most comfortable with this route. We recognize that each project has it’s own unique challanges. In order to address these unique challanges, we assemble a design team of architects and engineers with the expertise to fit a project’s specific requirements.

In the initial stage of a new project, we work with our client to develop a preliminary set of plans. Once the preliminary plans are complete, we prepare an estimate of the project price. After the budget is agreed on, we move forward with completing plans and final construction documents used to build the project.

In most circumstances, we can expedite construction by begining before the final plans are completed. We have found the design-build process to be the fastest way to complete a project as well as provide the customer with considerable savings. This system enables us to create a quality, economical building that is delivered on time and within the budget. Our clients have been very pleased with this model which is our primary aim. They show their confidence and approval by coming back to us for repeated projects.

As licensed general contractors in the state of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, we are committed to professionalism and high quality, cost effective construction. Our license status is unlimited regarding project size.

Licensed in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida